Prospect Handling Terms of Business


All goods and services supplied are subject to our terms of business.


SUPPLY – Data can be supplied to Prospect Handling Limited via e-mail or via a secure download site. It is recommended that all data sent via e-mail is password protected and the password is communicated via a different method, not via e-mail.

STORAGE – All databases are stored on our internal server, which is password protected, and firewalled to the outside world. All backups are internal and customers data does not leave our premises.

DELETION – All databases will be removed from our servers after 28 days of a mailing being dispatched, unless otherwise requested by a customer. Some databases may be stored for longer periods if they are required for future mailings or consultation purposes.

Prices quoted are subject to Value Added Tax at the applicable rate.

All services will be supplied at pre-agreed prices, or prices that were last charged for that service. If no price is agreed then our standard pricing shall apply. Any price that involves the supply of envelopes, paper, jiffy bags or boxes may rise or fall per individual mailing.

Settlement terms are displayed on each individual invoice and applicable from the date of the invoice. Prospect Handling Limited reserves the right to charge interest at a rate of 5% above the bank of England base rate per month on all overdue accounts.


Any weekly jobs (whereby a written contract is not in place) shall have the notice period of 180 days, after the work has been undertaken successfully for 12 consecutive months. A “Weekly Job” is defined as any work that has some element completed every single week.

Prospect Handling Limited reserves the right to charge a monthly fee for any items stored on our premises, which is agreed in advanced. 24 hours notice should be given for any items that are to be collected/dispatched. All items stored in our warehouse should be insured by the customer, unless specifically agreed with Prospect Handling Limited.

Goods supplied by Prospect Handling Limited do not become the customers property until payment is received in full. Until that payment, title to all goods supplied remain with Prospect Handling Limited

Any disputes over pricing should be raised within 7 days of the invoice being issued. No responsibility for undelivered items shall lay with Prospect Handling Limited, the company shall do all it can to pass any non-delivery queries onto the postal company handling the mailing.

All items that are left over from a mailing can be collected by the customer, or sent couriered at a cost. Any items unclaimed after 14 days shall be recycled.


Revised 1st April 2019

Director: M.D. Knights
Reg. In England No 2539532 V.A.T. Reg No. 571 646721

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